Michigan Facility

Food Grade Tank Truck Wash

Our Michigan facility offers 4 acres of parking and convenient hours.

Location: 6284 Sawyer Road
Sawyer, MI 49125

Cleaning Capabilities: Food-Grade and Non-hazardous Chemical Tank cleaning, Bulk Tanks, Internal/External Wash, Hot/Cold Rinse, Detergent, Steam, Caustic, Hopper bottoms, Kosher, Presolve, Reefer Wash, Stain Removal, Tote cleaning, Tractor wash, Trailer Washouts.

Hours: Mon - Fri: 8am - 6pm
Saturday & Sunday: 8am - 4pm
(Late Closing Available)

Manager Contact: Joshua Simpson
Phone: 269-426-4540 Cell: 219-210-5826
Email: joshuaojmtw@washbay.comcastbiz.net